Oh Sure, Spring Clean My Office, Right.

Spring Time at YOUR OFFICE! CLEANING!?! 

Don’t worry; this will be a quick FUN read, so you have time to get ‘er done. Aside from all the funk and winter heater dust accumulated, while it may only seem traditional to Spring Clean your home, Spring Cleaning your office can give you a tremendous boost and increase your productivity. But, really!  It’s more than just a vacuum and a Windex wipe . . .
  1. Spring Cleaning Increases Productivity: No Baloney! Decluttering and rearranging your office means more accessible and quicker access to your most important work tools. First, let the janitors haul away old items to make cleaning go faster, so you don’t have to. 

  2. Hears to Your Health!:  The American College of Asthma Allergies and Immunology indicates a good spring clean is excellent at removing allergens when the air is high with them. You’ll feel better once your office is clean.

  3. Spring Cleaning Makes Us Happy: Even you have endorphins, which will be absolutely elevated once that office is clean. True story! At least, that is what many studies show. And keep it going by hiring an office cleaning company to maintain your fresh, clean office do so will only strengthen this joy.

  4. Spring Cleaning Reduces Stress: Would you believe that cleaning your office area and removing harmful germs and allergens has also reduced stress. Really, do you need any more stress in your life? Cleaning is chicken Soup for you and your office. Just order your cleaning supplies from your Buddies at Office Supply Solutions!

  5. Increased Concentration from Spring Cleaning: Absolutely! You want you and your team at their finest, right? That means focusing on tasks is critical! A study completed by the Anxiety Disorder Center shows that this happened.

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Contrary to popular humor, A CLEAN DESK IS NOT THE SIGN OF A SICK MIND, lol!
Spend just a few minutes tidying things up, cleaning those windowsills, carpets, shelves, etc. A more productive, less stressful, and happier office experience will be yours every day! And while you are at it, consider a new office chair! Nothing makes your back and bottom more comfortable (and those of your employees) than a quality office chair from Office Supply Solutions. Be well, friends.   

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