Hey, What The Ink Is The Difference?

So, how many ink cartridges do you purchase in a year?

Do you carry spare ink cartridges so you never run out?

Are Compatibles less expensive than the Name Brands?
(Yes, but for a different reason than you might think!)

When The Ink Dries…Is the Compatible or Name Brand a better value? (Hint: The answer is NOT about price!)

I don’t know about you, but I hate to run out of Ink, especially when I am printing out a paid receipt for a nice-sized order ūüėä. Consequently, I am never without at least one backup for each color and black, and sometimes I’ll have two. Seeing how I go through at least 15 cartridges a year, I usually buy them in bulk to make sure the printer is ready to print. BUT BEWARE,¬†all cartridge warranties are not the same.¬†They are not the same when storing or being able to guarantee the product. So this will REALLY SURPRISE you…

Especially if you like to have spares, MAKE SURE you are aware of the¬†Name Brand Manufactures¬†warranty. Those ink cartridges often include a¬†3-month¬†warranty from the date of purchase. So, if you do not use a cartridge for 5-months and it sits in the drawer until you are ready‚ĶYou are Outa Luck, Buster!¬†Conversely,¬†Office Supply Solutions’ Compatible Cartridges carry a 12-month warranty¬†from the date of purchase¬†AND¬†they are less expensive¬†AND¬†guaranteed to be the same or better quality.¬†That¬†is REALLY THE DIFFERENCE you need to know and take note of.!¬†Our compatibles are less expensive, and our warranty is 400% longer.¬†

Want to know more? Call the pros in St. Louis Office Supply, Office Supply Solutions!

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