Back to School, Back to the Grind

You thought it would never happen!!!

The kids are out of your hair and back in school, YES! But now your employer expects full speed ahead. Or your own company must begin to make more happen from home!

Working at the dining room table for an hour is fine or was fine. But now you are expected to put it into overdrive. What will you need? What will make you more productive, comfortable, and above all else, able to perform? We’ll get to the laundry in a minute…


Say Yes to A New Desk!

A great start to setting up your home office is having a versatile and large enough surface dedicated to your work. The question is, do you prefer sitting or standing? Maybe you need to accommodate two monitors? My friends, it’s time to stop making excuses and create your dream home office.

An ergonomic chair is nice and essential to sit comfortably for sitting for long periods. At Office Supply Solutions, we look at several factors when it comes to chair selection, like your size, weight, and tasks to be performed.

You don’t have to spend a lot, but you do have to get the proper chair. Your chair is perhaps the most critical part of your home office setup. When it comes to office furniture and your behind, this may be your most expensive piece to consider.

High-Speed Internet.
Because why monkey around with anything less?

Some companies may allow you to expense it, but even if you run your own company, how long do you want to wait for emails to come in when you are talking on the phone with that prospect? Really! You need that email like…BAM!! NOW!! No delays.

You have a business to run and spend the few dollars extra for a blazing connection.

Task Lighting can make things soooo much easier, especially if your modem and home office are far apart. It is much more convenient to read and quickly scan well-lit documents stacked under strategically positioned lighting because poor lighting creates headaches following a lengthy working afternoon. Your home was not built or lit to be office space, including the lighting. Be wise; save your eyes. Task Lighting Is the New Buzz Phrase for productive home office experiences.

Green Up with Some Easy-to-Care-for Plants!

Weekly water is about all you need because plants require more distraction. Remove the excuses, and you will be a lot more productive.

Adding a little extra life around your work area lightens up the load, and you can even talk to your plants when nobody else will listen! Nobody talks back which is even better😊.

More paperwork comes with more organization, and sometimes all you need is a file cabinet to keep everything organized. It does not have to be big and bulky or even expensive. Organizing is one of the best predictors of productivity. Office Supply Solutions has tons of file cabinet sizes, styles, and prices. Plus, you can put your favorite plant and maybe even your printer on top!!

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